What kind of products does Luvenus offer ?

Luvenus specializes in selling 22k and 24k gold jewellery and 24k certified gold bars

How is the price of gold jewellery at Luvenus determined ?

Luvenus has a transparent pricing policy where customers will be given the breakdown of the price they pay for. The price of gold jewellery is determined based on the market price of gold plus the workmanship charges.

How can I take care of my gold jewellery ?

To make your gold jewellery sparkle, shine and last a long time, you should remove it before showering, bathing, or cleaning. You should also store it safely in a jewellery box or keep it wrapped in a soft cloth when not being worn. Furthermore, we recommend having your jewellery cleaned regularly with lukewarm water and to have it professionally checked by your trusted jeweller.

How to determine the purity of gold ?

The purity of gold is often expressed in karat which shows how many parts of gold and how many parts of other metals in a gold jewellery . Here are the differences between different karats:

Karats  Gold percentage  Other Metal percentage

24kt      gold 100.00%       other metal 0.000%

22kt      gold 91.60%         other metal 8.4%

18kt      gold 75.00%         other metal 25%

14kt      gold 58.5%           other metal 41.500%

Will GST be charged at our outlets ?

Our customers at our Changi Airport outlet will be exempted from GST charges when buying gold jewellery.